Katy Perry’s new single Birthday released and crossed over 1.5 million views within 24 hours. Everyone is interested in watching this video. What’s new in this video? Katy appeared in 5 different characters and it is very difficult to recognize her. It’s very funny and crazy video in katy’s career. These new Katy characters will definitely surprise us. Katy Perry exposed, acted brilliantly and behaved madly in this Music Video. Katy Perry is now The world’s worst birthday party Entertainer. Many People are praising Katy Perry’s birthday video as this is a trendsetter for upcoming Music videos.
Watch Katy Perry’s Characters Here..

Beyonce’s new single “Pretty Hurts” also released the same day and it reached only 3 lakh views in 24 hours. Check that Video Below. Katy Perry is the Winner this week.

But at present Beyonce’s pretty hurts got more views on youtube.