Forget Liza Minnelli, Homer Simpson is the real victim of that famous Oscars selfie
oscars selfie simpsons version
A picture was posted on Homer J Simpson’s official Twitter account yesterday, claiming to reveal the “ugly true story” behind Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscars selfie stunt, with members of the Hollywood elite trampling on Homer and obscuring Bart from view.

The original selfie, featuring big names from this year’s Oscars nominations, such as Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence, was retweeted more than three million times, smashing Barack Obama’s previous record for his “Four more years” tweet after winning a second term in the White House.

Samsung, who sponsored Sunday’s 86th Academy Awards ceremony, were understandably thrilled at the starring role their device had in the Twitter story of the hour: “We were delighted to see Ellen organically incorporate the device into the selfie moment that had everyone talking.” In response to this publicity coup, the company has pledged to donate $3 million to charity.
Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s reimagination of the selfie is the latest in a long line of parodies to spring up online in the last few days, from a crowd of Nicolas Cage clones to a startling photobomb by disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford.