Baahubali 2 is the first Indian movie to cross the 1000 crore rupees (155 million dollars) mark. It stayed the highest grossing Indian film for some days. Later Dangal beat Baahubali 2 with it’s record breaking collections in China. Now Dangal is the highest grossing Indian film followed by Baahubali 2, pk and Baahubali 1.

Dangal’s gross collections till date are around 1820 crore rupees and Baahubali 2 with around 1652 crore rupees is in 2nd place. Now the question is which will be the top grosser among these 2 by the end of their theatrical run. Dangal will stay in theaters in china one more month. Baahubali 2 is yet to release in China. It seems like Dangal will cross 2000 crore mark and stay in top position.

Considering Baahubali 1’s performance in China, it’s difficult for Baahubali 2 to stay in race with Dangal. Miracles may happen. Time will decide which will be in the top position. Hope the best film will be in first place.

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